Monday, September 28, 2015

ROM & Wonder Man team up sketch card

So in recent weeks I've been able to make it to a couple of comic shops not too far from me that have a pretty extensive collection of back issue discount boxes. A couple issues really stood out to me let's start with Wonder Man 1 (1986). Aside from the Kerry Gammill pencils and the Bill Seinkiewicz cover art what also made this issue cool was that it showed a very every day people side to the Wonder Man (aka Simon Williams) character we can all relate to. Struggling to manage his not so successful career as an actor with being a full time Avenger he finds even a cab ride is a luxury he can hardly afford. No Uber back in the 80s, too bad.

As I was reading this issue it occurred to me that Wonder Man was one of the many Marvel superheroes who appeared in ROM 65 sporting his signature leisure suite style costume. So all that combined with a nice and relaxing weekend made me feel like doing some art work and I thought it might be nice to do a sketch card for a change.

Avengers 226 letter column
I also picked up Avengers 226. Truth be told I haven't read the issue yet but based on some browsing I've done in it already it doesn't look like it has much going for it story wise. But the issue's letter column is another matter as you can see here. And check out the name of the dude who wrote this letter!
Avengers 221  Left click to enlarge

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The giant sized Micronauts ROM cross over annual that never was

A big thanks to Gary for giving me a heads up about this commission piece by Brian Douglas Ahern for what I would assume is for a big time ROM and Micronauts fan. Most long time ROM fans will recognize the guy who's menacing the Micronauts as marvel's first evil spaceknight, Mentus. I like the creative aspect of this as a concept (taken from Micronauts 8) although I do have one little bit of criticism as far as the art work goes. I think the inking on ROM and The Micronauts is a bit too lite they lack depth but this is other wise a solid piece. There's also an interior page to go with this cover concept to help give it a bit more context  . . .

Sept. 24th Update: Also just in from Gary who found this in the October issue of PREVIEWS comic book catalog magazine. Some of you may remember Christos Gage as the writer of the ill conceived 3 issue Hybrid return story arc from Avengers Academy a few years back. Well at least his heart was in the right place because he is something of a ROM fan. Plus we've seen this sort of thing before among marvel writers who like ROM like Abnett & Landing (The Annihilators) and Johnathan Hickman (Infinity).

Rom spaceknight 32

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

ROM sales pitch for DirectTV

Left click to enlarge
Marvel Age Magazine 34 Jan 1986
have you folks seen those NFL Direct TV commercials? I don't give a crap about football but those commercials are pretty funny none the less. I was talking to this dealer who looked like he was in the same age bracket as me about ROM and the last convention I went to a couple weekends ago. He was also telling me about how he hated the ditko art in ROM back when he was a kid but over the years learned to appreciate it or some shit like that. I told him fuck that it sucks now every bit as it did then. But this guy is another example of someone who hated ditko's work when he saw it at face value but later got caught up in ditko's legacy and now all of a sudden has a "new appreciation" for it, whatever. However there was one upside to ditko's work. It made the cancellation of ROM a lot easier to deal with I will say that even though at the time I thought it was being cancelled because readers were walking away from the series because of the shitty art.
I read Onyx#2 just before I went to work today it was pretty good. The story is definitely taking some interesting twists n' turns and you'll be happy to know Gary it does have some more ROM mentions in the back pages if you haven't discovered that already. I tell ya what would be cool if they inserted a ROM Easter egg some where in the story kinda like how they did in the first Predator movie with that one commando (Hawkings) reading a Sgt. Rock comic issue in a couple scenes.

September 13 Update: 
I just felt like adding something  to under score the point of this posting all humor aside. When you do a side by side comparison with an example of typical clip art from the pre-ditko era on ROM the contrast is almost shocking. So to all you "ditko mania" sycophants out there this is your wake up call.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Giant size Marvel Universe heroes and villlians fan art with something for ROM fans

Hey Gary a heads up on this sure would have been nice, I'm just sayin. All I can tell you folks is that this is done by artist Brian Douglass Ahern who is also a well known ROM fan. Not only does he have ROM and The Torpedo in his heroes collection he also made sure to include ROM arch enemy Hybrid and a couple of dire wraiths among the villains.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Can't believe no one else has ever noticed this 1983 easter egg yet

Left click to enlarge
This past weekend I went to a toy and comics collectibles show in San Jose where I grabbed a certain back issue from a $1 box. Not that it's all that hard to figure out what comic it was but for now I'll just not disclose that information. This is the first of a two page spread I was browsing through in which I was hoping to find Bill Mantlo or Sal Buscema in it. No luck there but on page one I did happen to catch something equally as blog worthy. I dunno if I'm the first ROM fan to ever catch this or if other fans out there never happened to mention it but there it is. Hopefully you've got a nice big monitor to look at this with.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

1st issue art comparisons

Nothing new this month folks as far as any news, cool Rom related tid bits from the distant past or fan art to post. But I've been thinking of posting this side by side comparison of ROM and Onyx #1 so I figured this month was a good a time as any although I was hoping to have something else to share as well. Emailed a letter to IDW last month and got a response about how it might end up in issue 3's letter column but I'll believe that when I see it. And speaking of future Onyx issues what's up with issue 2 it doesn't appear to have come out yet.

Left click to enlarge
August 27 Update: If you've read the opening comment for this posting this is one of the things Gary was talking about. The Easter egg in this panel intimates at something that could have been cool but because we're talking about something ROM related that marvel would have to do we can be sure it'll never happen. Again, thanks for nothing marvel you stinking douche bags.

And also we have this from the letter column of Incredible Hulk 421 (Sept. 1994). This was one of two letters that contained words of praise for the appearance of ROM and Brandy at Rick Jones's wedding in Incredible Hulk 418. What I liked about this letter in particular was actually the reply it got from the editor. It shows that even after nearly ten years after the last issue of ROM it's obvious he was still on many people's radar. Of course that was now 20 year ago, damn. Gary, this was a great find, thanks.

Obviously the rise of the internet in the late 90s gave a new forum for enduring ROM fans to continue to rally for his return which eventually paid off. I'm glad to see that IDW had a bit more faith in ROM's marketability then marvel ever did which is what I think this all boils down to when it came to the licensing hang up all these years. Fuck marvel, and as for Hasbro don't keep us waiting too long for some new and better ROM related merchandise.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Onyx "The Arrival"

August 2nd update: ROM - Onyx team up sketch art
I'm hastily throwing up this posting before I hit the sack tonight. For now just check out this very interesting article about the character known as Onyx. It'll be pretty obvious right away why ROM fans might want to take notice. Updates for this posting to come for sure especially if I decide to get a copy of #1

After doing a bit more online research I also found this 5 page promo that was running in several IDW titles leading up to the first issue of Onyx. So what do you folks think of Onyx so far based on this promo clip art along with the opening pages of issue #1 as seen in the link above? . . . .

July 31st Update:
So I picked up a copy of Onyx #1 yesterday and I'll have all of you know it's the first time in about two years that I've bought a brand new comic book. The last time I bought a new comic I was excited about I saw Galador get destroyed within the first 7 pages (Infinity#1) and I was like "fuck this shit!". I'm not gonna do a review here because if you've read the pages that the links above go to then you pretty much have the story line in the issue save perhaps a little more action and character development.
But there are a couple other cool things I wanted to bring to your attention. Did you happen to notice the thank you message on the front inside cover that included among others Sal Buscema & Bill Mantlo along with information on how to help Mantlo with his ongoing medical care? And speaking of our Pal Sal one of the back pages features a gallery of all 9 cover variants for Onyx #1. One of which was done by Sal and it bears a strong resemblance to a certain cover done by Frank Miller in 1979 for another silver cyborg who had just made planet fall on Earth. Last but certainly not least in the back pages is an editorial page summarizing all the influential sources in the making of Onyx but none of them get as many mentions as ROM spaceknight. All that aside I thought the issue was a fairly good read on it's own merits as a sci-fi comic and thus far I intend on picking up issue #2 unless something drastically changes like steve ditko taking over the penciling duties or some shit like that.